Here at Zest we work as a close-knit creative team.  Each member has different strengths and we take from each other’s experiences to help develop clients’ (as well as our own) Brand Strategy.

Firstly, what is a brand?  It’s not just your logo and website… It’s much more than this, our job is to consider your brand story. It’s how people feel about your product or service, it’s what defines you and separates you from your competitors.

Don’t stress!  We have some top tips on making your Digital Brand Strategy long term and awesome too.

Be true to yourself

Your brand story has to reflect your company personality, ensure your brand tone is consistent and true of the moment in time.

Your image, website, social media conversations and staff should all be reflective and unified – right from answering the phone consistently, sending products, and receiving emails to fine details like packaging. A well thought out and considered brand is true to itself.

Plan your branded content

Have a look at your tactical marketing plan, assess your top line objectives and start planning out a calendar of monthly key messages. Define your target audience(s) and plan out timings – this way your digital exposure is maximised and your budget is optimised for ROI. If you have targets to hit, ensure your analytics are in place so you can prove Return On Investment. Analyse results and re-optimise your strategy to ensure you are hitting the right people at the right time, with the kind of content they love most!

Consider the RACE strategy by Dave Chaffey


Consistent and persistent – this is what you have to remember! Treat your brand with the attention it deserves and employ a defined strategy to ensure you get the most of your budget and all the people around you.

Ensure Consistency

Consistency and perseverance are key to success; keep going, keep experimenting and keep learning – a digital plan is not always set in stone. If one style or social media platform works better than another, adapt and be versatile. BUT whatever you decide, ensure it’s consistent, this way your customers will instantly understand and recognise your brand.

DS VIRGIN RACING is a prime example of a brand that has a clear, focussed and consistent digital strategy. Their social posts use dynamic, vibrant photography and an ‘own-able’ tone of voice that oozes with the innovative and leading status of the brand.

It’s a strategy they adopt cross-channel, meaning that when all social posts are brought together on the ‘social wall’ of their website there is not a hint of disparity.

Vigin snapshot social media 2


Brand Ambassadors

Your staff are your best ambassadors! Involve your staff through great communication, if you are running any campaigns ensure they are totally informed and on board. You may want to appoint key members in different areas of your business to relay new information to their teams.